White Gold (14ct.)

Handmade - Hinge and Click-Closed

Very High Quality Luxury Feel Huggie Hoop Earring


These white gold hoops have both an elegant and modern look. This makes them fit any outfit and suitable for any occasion. The earrings have a width of 1.5mm and a diameter of 10mm. They can be worn in any piercing on the ear. H7232111

14ct białe złoto solidne kolczyki 10mm Huggie

Metal Colour: Białe złoto
Brak w magazynie
  • At HOOPS, we believe your hoop earrings should and will last a lifetime if the proper and necessary care is given and maintained.

    Silver - The appearance of silver will remain intact if jewellery is stored in an airtight container when it is not being used. Silver is a soft metal and can be easily bent out of shape. Silver can also be very carefully formed back into shape with slight force.

    Gold Vermeil - Gold plated earrings should not come into contact with creams, alcohol or perfume. Please put your earrings on AFTER you get ready. Then you can go and dance.

    9ct Gold - Gold is a harder more durable metal than silver, although it can too be easily bent out of shape. Try not to sit or stand on your HOOPS.

    We accept the return and replacement of any item at any time for replacement at a cost of half the full retail price. 

    Come and visit our offices in Dublin ANY time to have your hoops freshened-up FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Ze względu na charakter kolczyków i najlepszą obsługę klienta w zakresie higieny nie przyjmujemy zwrotów kolczyków. Dokładamy wszelkich starań, aby zaoferować Ci jak najbardziej wyczerpujący opis każdego sprzedawanego przez nas przedmiotu, aby uniknąć błędów podczas zakupów.Więcej informacji na temat zwrotów można uzyskać pod adresem info@hoopearrings.ie.